Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Sinamale' Bridge

Citizens Did Not Ask For Sinamale' Bridge: Andhun Hussain

Member of Parliament for Henveiru South Constituency Hussein Shaheem stated that the citizens did not want SinaMale' bridge and that it was built in President Yaameen's administration.
He stated this while debating the motion submitted by Member for Felidhoo Constituency Ibrahim Fazul Rasheed regarding the delays in the construction of the multi-purpose hall for their education center. The construction of the multi-purpose hall had been included in the 2021 budget approved by the parliament.
During the debate, MP Hussain questioned whether the bridge project brought any benefits to the people and further questioned if they wanted it. He also went on to state that it would have been prudent to focus on other projects rather than the bridge.
MP Hussein further noted that the bridge was not built because the citizens of Male' asked for one. He further stated that instead of 4 lanes, the bridge had 2, and that instead of building a big highway the administration should have given the citizens access to clean drinking water. He also questioned how a bridge could have been more important than building a functional sewage system for all islands.
MP Hussein went onto allege that the bridge was built to satisfy the show-offing of a select some. He also stated that the bridge was not a symbol of development. While he criticized the SinaMale' Bridge during today's debate, it is important to note that his party led administration has taken a 400 million US Dollar loan from India Exim Bank to build a bridge connecting the uninhabited island of Gulhifalhu and Male'.
Building a bridge between Male' and Hulhumale' has been a dream carried by all of President Maumoon's successors after he shared his thoughts on constructing a bridge. President Yasmeen was the only person who managed to make it into reality.