Sunday 23rd Jan 2022
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Thila-Male' bridge

Housing Minister's Bleak Promise: Bridge will be Visible in 2023

Housing Minister Aslam declares that the majority of the Thila-Malé bridge will be built and visible by the year 2023.
Speaking on Raajje TV, Minister Aslam stated that they had initially set the deadline for the 18th of this month, for interested companies to present a bid. He further stated that the ministry had extended the deadline to the end of the month, and pre-qualified parties should present their bids.
The Minister also stated that the process of evaluating and valuing the bids will start, as soon they have been submitted. He further stated that evaluation processes for the project were being finalised, and that work will go according to the schedule.
Aslam stated that the bridge will reach and be connected Gulhifalhu by mid 2023. President Solih, in his annual address to the parliament stated that construction of the bridge will begin within 6 months.
The surveying needed for the bridge construction was done for $15 million, by Dutch company Fugro. They had drilled 25 bore holes on the sea bed and land.
India has signed a 500 million US Dollar agreement with the Maldives with regard to the construction of the Thila-Malé bridge. It is important to note that 400 million US Dollars was given as a loan by India.
According to Minister Aslam, Thila-Malé bridge project and Thilafushi project are the biggest urban development projects this administration has taken on. This administration has signed a lot of agreements with regards to building bridges, most of which who don't have set construction dates.