Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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It is Time to Change the Form of Government: Ali Azim

While debating the motion brought to the People’s Majlis floor by Bilehdhoo Constituency Member Ahmed Haleem, Henveiru Constituency Member and MDP's Parliamentary Group leader Ali Azim has stated that the time has come to change the governing system of the Maldives.
Debating the issue of the ventilator case, Ali Azim stated that the people vote for MDP because of their policies and that the public trusts them. This aforementioned trust the public place is their vote and that MDP is against corruption and public thieving and taking undue advantage in any situation.
Azim further stated that due to all this would be the right time to bring about changes to the governing system as the corruption in the government is no secret to anyone. He further stated that it is time to hand the people’s power back to the people by changing the ruling system.
Azim stated that in comparison to previous governments this government is less corrupt. MDP will still work to stop such corruption, and that MDP will remain faithful to this pledge as well.