Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Foreign Military Base in Maldives is Dangerous: Ali Hussain

Kendhoo Constituency Member of Parliament Ali Hussain has stated that one foreign military base in Maldives would be a reason used by other countries to establish a military presence in Maldives.
Ali Hussain tweeted this in response to Speaker of Parliament Mohamed Nasheed stating that a foreign military base in Maldives was a necessity. A reliable source has reported to Dhiyares News that Speaker of Parliament passed this comment in the tea-room of People's Majlis.
Dhiyares News contacted several members of Parliament regarding information and they have also stated that the incident did indeed take place, and that Speaker of Parliament also noted that in a world so conjoined, Maldives cannot be cornered out and that a military base is a necessity.
Speaker of Parliament also stated that agreements such as the one for Uthuruthilafalhu is not necessary to be brought in to Parliament when opposition members debated to reveal the terms and clauses.
Maduvvari Constituency Member Adam Shareef Umar had submitted a letter to the Speaker stating the agreement be brought forth to the 241 Committee to ensure that there are no clauses that breach sovereignty of the Maldives and some Ruling Party members on the committee had shown support towards this letter.