Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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MMC Condemns Police Harming of Journalists at Protest

The Maldives Media Council has condemned the harming of two journalists who were covering the opposition Coalition's demonstration in Male City, yesterday.
During yesterday's demonstrations, two journalists; the CEO of the Channel13 TV Station, Mohamed Samahu, and the Channel13 News Head, Mariyam Isadha Ismail; were injured. Samahu had pepper-spray deployed on his face, and Isadha had been injured, as she had fallen to the ground after having being dealt a blow by the Police. There have been reports that a Police officer had stepped on her shoulder with their combat boots.

During the protests yesterday, the Maldives Media Council (MMC) released a statement after that they had received many complaints from media outlets and journalists that the Police had hindered some journalists active on the scene and had used excessive force against them.

The MMC said that they had received reports of Samahu and Isadha's injuries and condemned what had been done to them. The Council called for the removal of obstacles that would hinder journalists from acting freely.

The Council has called on the authorities to investigate what had taken place with regards to the journalists and their injuries.