Saturday 6th Mar 2021
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Judiciary Controlled By MDP: Dr Jameel

The High Court’s decision to uphold the Criminal Court verdict on the former President Yameen Abdul Gayyoom’s trial shows that the judicial system has failed to operate fairly and without yielding to political pressures and biases, said Dr Mohamed Jameel, former President Yameen’s lawyer.
Dr Jameel alleged that this failure arose from the close ties between the judiciary and the legislative branch. He also claimed that the government had broken its promise to reform the judiciary.
Dr Jameel further alleged that the Majlis Speaker, Mohamed Nasheed, influenced the outcome of judicial cases.
He claimed that the changes the government had brought to the judiciary were “targeted” at “certain people”, and that this was apparent from the High Court’s decision.
He said that the High Court’s decision only demonstrated the degree to which the MDP influences the judiciary. He warned that the MDP elites and other officials of the government would taste its bitterness.