Saturday 6th Mar 2021
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Expedia Campaign To Advertise the Maldives to 23 Million People: MMPRC

An advertising campaign for the Maldives as a tourist destination has begun in association with Expedia. Expedia is one of the world’s most prominent travel agencies.
The campaign is aimed at four main countries. The Maldives and its natural beauty will be adverised to Russia, China, the Middle East, and India according to the MMPRC.
One of the objectives of this campaign is to show the Maldives as a peaceful travel destination and to show that the Maldivian islands are a sparsely populated archipelago of islands distinct from each other.
MMPRC estimates that the campaign would reach about 23 million people.
MMPRC have planned several events and programmes to increase the tourist arrivals in the Maldives this year. Among them are representing the Maldives at trade fairs, roadshows, and inviting social media influencers and celebrities to the Maldives.
The Maldives has received only 57,000 tourists this year.