Saturday 6th Mar 2021
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Hindu Festival at Malé Sports Complex

Pongal, an annual festival dedicated to the Hindu sun-god, has been celebrated at the Malé Sports Complex.
The Pongal festival is celebrated mainly among Tamil Hindus, and is based on the Tamil solar calendar. It normally corresponds to January 14 of the Gregorian calendar.
An Indian pharmacist in the employ of ADK had shared photos from the Pongal celebration on his personal Facebook account.
While the sand track of the Malé Sports Complex has been converted to a synthetic track, the Complex has not yet been opened to the public.
The Complex would be opened on January 17, according to Ahmed Mahloof, Minister of Youth, Sports, and Community Empowerment. According to reliable sources, however, even though the Complex is closed to the public, Indian expatriates have been using the for their cricket matches.