Wednesday 17th Aug 2022
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No COVID-19 Vaccine to the Maldives from India: Bloomberg

Bloomberg published data regarding India’s plan to distribute COVID-19 vaccines to different countries in the world.
Citing sources who wished to remain anonymous, Bloomberg claimed the Indian government had commissioned the Serum Institute of India and Bharat Biotech to purchase vaccines and to distribute them to neighbouring countries.
The Bloomberg report did not mention the Maldives as a recipient of the vaccine which would be sent to Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Seychelles, Mauritius. These vaccines may be sent as free aid, and the first shipments would likely be sent out in the next two weeks.
Bloomberg surmised that India would also be sending the vaccine to former Soviet and Latin American nations.
Even though the Maldives was not on the list, India had said that they would provide the Maldives with COVID-19 vaccine.