Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Safari Case

State Charges Ruling Party MP's Spouse With Sexual Assasult

The State has levied three charges against Abdullah Shan, husband to MP Jeehan Mahmood (Hinnavaru).
The case involves an incident of sexual assault allegedly committed by Shan against a foreign woman in a Safari yacht anchored in the Hulhumalé lagoon on June 26 of the previous year. Shan’s wife, MP Jeehan Mahmood, is a close relative of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. The delays as well as the lack of thoroughness in the investigation has lead many to suspect tampering.
The Prosecutor General’s Office has said that it had lodged its case against Shan on January 6. Shan is being charged with sexual assault, and with threatening to commit bodily harm, and with assault.
Although only two people had been arrested, 11 people’s statements had been taken by the Police, and the victim’s phone had been retrieved from the vicinity of the crime. Many people had criticized the Maldives Police Service’s mishandling of the case when the story first broke.