Tuesday 5th Jul 2022
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No questions over development brought by President Solih’s: Adam Azim

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company’s (MTCC) Managing Director Adam Azim has stated that there is no prospect of questioning the developments brought about by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s government.
Adam Azim who is the Managing Director of the MTCC which is tasked with several infrastructure development projects also stated that the current government starts projects after finalizing both the starting and end dates of projects. He also noted that the projects are being concluded for the deadlines specified by the government.
Azim’s comments came after the signing ceremony of the Thinadhoo regional port project. He also stated that MTCC is currently active throughout the country implementing several projects. He also noted that the company’s employees are performing vital tasks for the country’s development and that the employees are working at a speed appreciated by the citizens.
He also noted that the company’s employees are working to ensure that the country’s development does not slow down and that they are working more efficiently compared to previous years. As such he noted that harbors that previously took 2 years to complete are now completed within 6 months and that airports that took 3 years to finish are now completed within a minimum of one year. Azim also stated the company is capable of concluding land reclamation projects within 3 months.
According to Azim the company’s target is concluding the works of Thinadhoo port as soon as possible. As such he stated that the target is finishing the project within 45 days. He also assured that the project would be completed before the deadline.