Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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Revenue collected in USD plunges by 78 percent

Statistics released by Maldives Inland Revenue Authority (MIRA) has indicated that the dollar revenue collected by MIRA has plummeted by 78 percent.
MIRA’s statistics indicate that an income of USD 51 million was received in November last year. However, the income received in November of 2020 was USD 11 million. This is a 78 percent decrease compared to last year.
Four million dollars were collected as green tax in last year’s November. However, the amount collected in the same period this year decreased to USD 1 million. While the country received USD 8 million this November as tourism GST, during the previous year’s November the country received USD 27 million as tourism GST. The decrease in tourism GST is 68% compared to last year.
USD 457,467 was collected as airport service charge during this November while USD 4 million was collected during previous November. Maldives borders were opened after Covid-19 closures on 15th July. After border reopening, there has been a flux of tourist arrivals.