Saturday 6th Mar 2021
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Local Council Election

Opposition Petition Rejected By Court

The Civil Court has rejected the petition of the the opposition Progressive Coalition that the “inequalities” in upcoming Local Council Elections be removed.
Leaders of both parties of the Progressive Coalition went to submit their petition at the Civil Court with their legal team, among them was interim president Abdurraheem Ali.
Shahid, who was included in the legal team, said that a petition may only be rejected by the Court only after evaluating the documents and evidence provided in the petition.
Ibrahim Sujau, vice president of the PNC, said that the rejection of their petition was a demonstration of the poor state of the legal system in the Maldives. He mentioned that no elections could be held on the scheduled dates in an MDP government, this could be because they did not have the courage to stand in an election because all of the wrongs they had committed.